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I rarely post over the weekend, but this spread looked too good not share it with you! Matt and I cherish our couple time together and one of our favorite moments is enjoying a good football game. It doesn't matter if either one of our teams are playing just as long as its not a shut out and the game is worth watching. Anyways, I've included the food items we enjoy while spending an afternoon of yelling at the television.

Dip Selection:

-salsa(chunky or pico de gallo)


-spinach & artichoke

-crab dip


-tortilla chips

-flip side crackers

-baguette slices

-pita chips

Other items I love to include:

-chipped sliced turkey/chicken deli meat


-cheese: colby jack, sharp cheddar, mozzarella, gouda


-ginger beer w/ whisky

-local beers: lagers, stouts, brown ales and IPAs -fruit(strawberries, blackberries and mint) infused water

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