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One of the things I may have taken for granted about art school was being surrounded by crazy talented creative individuals 24/7. It was amazing and I'm lucky enough to continue to talk to some of them (no matter how sporadically) today. My art was made better just by knowing them. Little comments that I would never have realized influenced me did. Now that I've been living without a creative band of cohorts I have found it harder to create, rather produce the level of work I had become accustomed to while in school.

I live (or at least it feels like) in a creative desert. I was spoiled. Growing up 15-20 minutes outside of Washington, D. C. and attending art school in San Francisco. A large metropolitan area with a 'scene', museums, coffee houses and people dancing on street corners like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz was my normal. Living further (roughly and hour or so) from a larger metropolitan area has made it difficult to find a new 'scene' but not impossible. I'm seeking a band of creative misfits or the best places between Slippery Rock and Pittsburgh to find them!

#help #seekingcreatives #scene #creativemisfits #pittsburgh #slipperyrock

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