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Since the end of last year I have been working on consistent "good" habit behaviors. For instance I have been going to the gym or doing a form of high intensity work out at least 3x a week(now its more like 4-5x!) I knew I needed to do something since I didn't really care for where we landed(western Pennsylvania). Everything about living in PA was very grey so I decided to create my own sunshine starting with my attitude. Knowing that I've always been happier when I workout I started there. I know most people start an exercise routine with the hopes of losing weight, (since bikini bodies are made in the winter and all) that would've been a happy side. I really just wanted to be happier. So the journey began, with my focus and main goal to be happier. Happier with myself, my surroundings and life. When starting on this journey I knew I wasn't alone. Matt and Phineas are the best support system. Matt would kick me out of bed in the mornings for my workouts and Phineas loves long hikes that we would take at least 2x a week.

My fitness journey is far for over. So far it has helped me gain confidence. Become stronger physically and mentally and gain a sense of self that I thought I lost some time ago. Through continuing weight lifting, yoga and a good balance of cardio; I have found a renewed sense of drive and self worth. Exercise is only part of it, maintaining a healthy diet is equally if not more important. The biggest part and toughest part for me is meal planning and prepping. Eating healthy is hard. I said it, if it was easy and convenient the vast number of dieting techniques wouldn’t exist. Personally I try to follow the Mediterranean diet. Meaning whole grains, leafy greens, lots of fruit and chicken and fish for my main proteins. I don’t starve myself and to avoid over eating I use smaller plate sizes to help retrain my brain. There were (sometimes still are) times when I used to eat for the sake of eating. Rather than stopping when I was full or even eating when I wasn’t hungry. Now I’m not a doctor, I’m an artist. So before adjusting my eating habits I did consult a doctor, nurse practitioner/nutritionist and a therapist. It truly does take a village. And I would suggest the same to anyone looking to adjust their diet and eating habits. It’s ok to ask for help, and who better than those medically trained to do so?!

Staying healthy mind, body and soul takes a lifetime. I used to think it was this huge struggle. But once I consistently changed my habits, my mindset changed and now I can’t wait to see how these positive life changes will affect me and my family.

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