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Macrame wall hangings on drift wood

Out to Sea_1: Dual colored layered macrame wall hanging on drift wood

Out to Sea_2: Macrame wall hanging on drift wood

Out to Sea_3: Hand dyed cotton cord wall hanging on drift wood featuring a diamond design

Out to Sea_4: Hand dyed cotton cord, layered on drift woodMacrame wall hanging

Out to Sea Series

SKU: 36523641234523
PriceFrom $70.00
Sales Tax Included
  • Product Size:

    Out to Sea 1--W: 28" x H: 26"

    Out to Sea 2--W: 20" x H: 40"

    Out to Sea 3--W: 17.5" x H: 13"

    Out to Sea 4--W: 24" x H: 21"

    *please note each drfit wood piece is different and one of a kind

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