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15 Things Incredibly Happy People Do

originally posted on Daily Worth; Sourced from Levo

Being happy is something we all want. It's the goal of life, the end game, right? Asking yourself questions like are you happy or what would make you happy every once and awhile is a great way to self check your daily emotional state. Below you will find my take on an article originally posted to Daily Worth and sourced from Levo on what 15 Things Incredibly Happy People incorporate into their daily routine.

1. They Say Thank You

2. They go offline

3. They don't sweat the small stuff

4. They plan getaways

5. They turn mistakes in lessons

6. They give themselves a break

7. They turn a to do list into a game

8. They build relationships

9. They don't blame the past

10. They fake it till they make it

11. They take chances

12. They get there beauty rest

13. They get moving

14. They're honest

15. They don't compare themselves to others

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