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How DNP Macrame started

You, Me and A Dog Named Phin started off as a photoblog of me sharing what life was like with Matt and Phineas who was a 8 week old puppy at the time. Matt had been headhunted a lot in the beginning of our marriage so I use the blog to document our travels and Phineas’ growth. 

Now the brand has morphed a little bit. I had always sold things on Etsy but decided to put a shop on my own site a few years before going to grad school. It wasn’t until my last semester of school I really dove into making site improvements and creating more practical use products. Thus, DNP Macrame was born!

It has been such a treat to take a craft that I started doing when I was in my teens and turn it into a skill. While I’m sure there are still many knots to learn, I’m proud to say it all started with a love of a dog and the support of a partner. 

Thank you to Sarah P Thomas Photography to capturing my creative headshots that will help me tell the DNP macrame story!

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