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Every so often (about once a week) I get BuzzFeed newsletters about their latest and health and beauty. This weeks email included a blurb of an article titled '13 Simple Habits That Can Change Your Life for the Better.' I noticed that most of the things in the article my husband and I do as a way to strengthen not only our marriage but as a part of our self health except for number 3. Number 3 is to 'treat happiness like a habit and not an end goal.' The point mentions that you should be actively looking for what you can do to make yourself happier every day. This article made us take a moment to step back from the trials that life has thrown our way to realize that if we truly focused on the now each and every day our focus and mentality would shift in such a positive way we'd be like our own happiness beacons. So if you're noticing that everyday seems to be bland then maybe you need to shift your focus on one thing, what can you do to make yourself happy today?

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