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Matt and I have struggled with consistency with our diets. So we finally decided to take the plunge together. One of the nice things about restructuring a diet when you're married is that when you do it together the two of you are more likely to stick to it. One of the things my nutritionist from Virginia taught me is that your family medical history is what can help you determine the best diet for you. I've always been active and continue to practice yoga, meditation and hike a bunch. However I wasn't seeing the results I wanted. The same was with Matt. After a ton of research and speaking with our moms we discovered the best diet to follow for Matt was low carb and the best diet for me was a Mediterranean one.

Thankfully both have their merits and overlap with the exception of the amount of grains deemed acceptable. If finding the right type of diet has been a struggle for you I'd definitely recommend speaking with your doctor a nutritionist and even your parents. No body knows your family medical history better than them!

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