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I like to think I enjoy the outdoors as much as anyone. Camping, hiking siting by a fire drinking beers with friends! Living on a camp gives us more opportunity(and no excuse) to commune with nature. Matt, however is a major outdoorsman. Everything from camping, tree trimming(for safety and growth) and hunting & fishing(for conservation and his dinner). The man does it all. We took to the range so that we could sight in his crossbow for this season. He is an excellent teacher. He took the time time to share his passion with me. From how to adjust the scope to pulling the cord back to load the bolt. It kind of reminded me of every cheesy high school movie where the guy teaches the girl how to hit a ball at the batting cages. We found our version of that and I can say I didn’t hit a bullseye but was really close. Personally I think I’ll be sticking to hiking and camping leaving the ultra outdoorsman activities to him.

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