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I love Pinterest! Its full of inspiration and loads of ideas from creatives across the internet. As a part of trying to live a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally I love using check lists to help me gauge my personal growth and where I strive to be. As I near the end of my 20s I find that I have been reflecting on my next steps for our marriage, our respective careers and the changes Matt and I have made to our lifestyle in general. He's a few years older to be considered for the "30 Things to be Before You Turn 30" check list I've found by @kelseyinlondon on Pinterest. But it's a great template to help prioritize what you may want to accomplish before a certain age. The great thing about templates is that they can be altered to suit the user. Check out the template by @kelseyinlondon below and my take on it for my life stage :)

I still have a few more things to tick off the list, thankfully I have 2 more years before I hit the big 3-0

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