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I grew up in Wheaton, Maryland, a metropolitan suburb of Washington D.C. As soon as I was old enough to wonder in the city by myself I jumped at the opportunity. D.C is home to practically all of my favorite things, access to amazing arts & culture, great food and sporting events. It would be accurate to say that the independence granted me at a young age to wonder the city discovering all it had to offer has helped shape the person I have become today.

I would never trade those experiences I've had in the city. 65% of me would jump at the opportunity to live/work near Washington D.C again but leaving the serenity of living in nature would definitely be tough. Living in nature, more specifically on Boy Scout Camp has become such an important part of my life. Matt and I met at a Boy Scout camp in Virginia. As a couple enjoying the outdoors is something that defines our relationship as we could get "lost" in the woods for hours and have a good time. Nature is one of the most beautiful escapes the world has to offer. Its true majesty lies in how unaltered it is. When we walk outside and look up on a clear night all you see are stars. If you can get passed the eerie sounds some animals make the allure camp life makes perfect sense.

I never thought I'd be a ranger wife, still I wouldn't trade this path for any other!

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