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World Art Day

I've always been creative. From a young age, I remember telling my parents that I wanted to be a starving artist and create masterpieces like Vincent VanGogh. While I did end up taking a few semesters of art history as an undergrad my focus shifted, but my appreciation of art did not wain.

After living an hour outside of Pittsburgh for five years my schedule finally let me get to an art museum. Let me tell you, it was well worth the wait. The primary exhibit I visited was Working

Thought at the Carnegie Museum of Art. I grew up going to art museums in Washington D.C and the surrounding areas. I've been to the MOMA and de Young in San Francisco while attending art school. The Carnegie Museum of Art's Working Thought exhibit moved me to tears.

Jill Freedman's featured photos documenting the protests of Martin Luther King Jr.'s Poor Peoples Campaign awoke emotions within me I didn't realize were there. Freedman's portraits were incredibly powerful I could've skipped the rest of the exhibit and just stared at them for hours.

With today being #worldartday I wanted to not only share my experience at the Carnegie Museum of Art, but I wanted to leave you with a list of how you could celebrate World Art Day if you live near Pittsburgh or the city I grew up in, Washington D.C.

Here are some of my favorite places to visit when I'm back home:

Here is a list of creative places to visit when in Pittsburgh: *disclaimer, I've only been to the one, but all the others have great reviews

Enjoy getting out to celebrate #worldartday by finding a beautiful place to daydream :)

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