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Marriage in the time of COVID-19

In preparing to work from home my boss said, “by the end of this there’s going to be either a lot of babies or divorces.” What a sad reality that would be if we all only had those two options? Like many couples, Matt and I are “stuck” at home. I told him about this joke and his response, “that’s it, I’m sleeping in the guest room!” We both laughed at the ridiculous notion that being “stuck” at home with your spouse or significant other could only result in those two options. Oh how foolish we were.

Now we aren't planning on a divorce or a baby but being around each other more has led to increased tensions. Without a true separation from work and home the frustrations from our work days carry over into our evenings. In the beginning of the home isolation we were needlessly snipping at each other. Thats when we came to the solution that I need a work space like Matt, separate from our shared spaces. So during working hours we would go to our separate spaces and come together for meals. This system seemed to be option three. Thankfully instead of wanting to rip each others throats out or create a life we would be ill prepared for we found a way through isolating together, coming out stronger. In fact isolating together has led to better communication and a stronger bond. I've never been happier to continue to grow with Matt on this crazy ride we call life.

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