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Me,Myself & My Plant Hanger

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Growing up my mom always had this love of plants, even though her thumb is not particularly green ;). Turns out the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree since I also love plants and occasionally have the propensity to kill them. There was one plant my mom was able to keep alive for a while, I think it was a spider plant and it lived in this bulky rope plant hanger with chunky round wooden beads. The spider plant may no longer be with us, but the plant hanger has been in the same corner between two windows in the living room for over twenty years.

When I became a little plant crazy during mandatory quarantine last year no surface in our home was safe. Matt and I try to have minimal furniture so there already weren't too many surfaces for plants to begin with. Plant hangers became my solution to freeing up space on the dining table so we had a place to eat and eased Matt's anxiety since I had a plants on the cubbies were he stored his records. I've created basic plant hangers to anything but. Check out the hangers below placed throughout my home and visit my shop to purchase a plant hanger of your very own.

Comment below if you would like to see tutorials of how to make my plant hangers in an additional post!

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