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Vacation in the time of COVID-19

When our cruise was cancelled Matt and I felt a little deflated. Like many others who were looking forward to time of from work. You see, we have never taken a vacation together and his parents had paid for us all(Matt, Myself, his parents and his brother & wife) to go on a cruise to Nova Scotia. We were excited to be away from home and to explore places we have never been with a well traveled pair(his parents). I really do have the best in-laws, over these past 8 years they have felt more and more like my own parents. But I digress...when our cruise was cancelled, Matt and I decided if a resort we were familiar opened up with safety protocols we would go for a long weekend.  The Tides Inn is an other worldly place on Carter’s Creek just off the Rappahanock river in the Northern Neck of Virginia. It is a beautiful place with wonderful people. When we lived in that area it also served as my employer and brought me great memories and friends I continue to keep in touch with today. We were excited to go, but when cases across the county began to rise we thought it prudent to cancel. Leaving both us and our friends from the area disappointed. 

Like a phoenix we rose from the ashes of disappointed, took the time off anyway and had a staycation instead! Well, not everything went according to plan. You can’t control Mother Nature and she stormed for the first two days. But finally, on Friday we were able to explore one of the local state park trails that we had planned on hiking the entire week. North Country trail in part runs through Moraine State Park(down the street from camp). We did an out and back amounting to roughly 4.5 miles. I don't think I have ever felt so out of shape, but it was worth it to see the smile on that face.

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